Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Mexican 1000

We just spent a week chasing The NORRA Mexican 1000 Off Road Rally. What a great time! My good friend and Producer Michael Noval asked me to partner with him as Director of Photography to film a documentary on the race. Michael was riding in the Big Blue Fiesta with BFI Racing. My Comrade in Arms, Jarvis Rolle, came along to participate in all the shenanigans and see if filming is a career he might want to pursue. We had the opportunity to meet some incredible people and shoot in an environment that was more challenging then most. Chasing a race for a thousand miles through the BAHA Peninsula, Mexico is more difficult than I ever imagined! Just keeping up with the race was hard enough, aside from figuring out how to access the course once you got ahead of the action. Luckily we were placed in a truck that was dedicated to our filming piloted by Charles Hendrickson who happens to be a professional driver that had a highly capable and very fast truck! As a film maker you always want to shoot everything you can including scenics but that becomes difficult at over 100 mile per hour! Needless to say it was a great trip with some incredible stories and awesome footage.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Filming The Wildlife in Costa Rica

I just spent 4 days filming The Wildlife in Costa Rica. We spent two days fishing for billfish 50 miles out in the Pacific. We were trolling in a school of 3000 spinner dolphin and wanted some underwater footage of the dolphin so i rolled off the back of the boat as we were motoring. I started rolling tape and turned around and there was a sailfish. The fish was just 6 feet away from me when the teaser cruised by on the surface. The sail saw the teaser and with two kicks of its tail was all over the bait and hooked. It took fifteen minutes to land and release the fish. As the fish swam away it slowed enough for me to catch up with it, then it looked me in the eye kicked twice and was gone. What an experience, swimming with giants. And its all caught on HD!!! God i love my life. We landed 7 sails and 1 550 pound Black Marlin. Spent over an hour in the water with the sailfish, 10 minutes with a black marlin, and got some incredible footage. Just another day in the snake pit.
While we were in Costa Rica we were sponsored Costa Rica Luxury Rentals at Los SueƱos. What an incredible place!!! We had a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo overlooking the 300 slip marina. It was right out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a pool and hot tub right off the patio, 2 plasma screens, scarlet macaws and monkeys outside your windows, helicopters parked on the lawn, all overlooking a protected harbor that was right out of Jurassic Park.
I want to thank Costa Rica Luxury Rentals for the opportunity to film in such a beautiful location. They treated us like family and their staff was out of this world!!! I also want to thank Captain Tim of the Tres Amigos who made the fishing portion of the trip a huge success. He also kept this underwater camera man out of harms way while chasing billfish that are more then capable of making me have a real bad day.

Hope you all have a great day!!!
Thaddius Bedford
Liquid Image, Inc.